Counselling Services

S.M.D Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

in Newport, South Wales

Counselling Services

What you can expect in our counselling process?

  • Open, honest, safe space.
  • Exploring your life within its present context.
  • Awareness building.
  • Getting in touch with your body, mind and spirit and identifying their unique and 'key' messages to you.
  • Transform your perception.
  • Move from 'sufferer' to 'therapist' in respect to 'self'.
  • Become the expert of your own condition and life-force for healing and change to begin.
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle change.
  • Choices explored for a positive creative lifestyle change to suite your unique circumstances, individual creativity and idiosyncrasy.


Consultations are about our clients and the environment in which they feel most comfortable. Private practice reduces waiting times, allows more flexibility in relation to appointments , and most importantly, offers the opportunity for clients to choose between brief, focussed Counselling Services and Therapy or longer term exploratory work. 

The environmental settings of any consultation are determined by the client and are open to change from session to session depending on the clients needs.

We offer short and long term counselling to individuals and couples counselling as well as supervision to trainee and qualified counsellors within therapy with us, your individual hopes, aspirations and needs will be considered with much care and the counselling services and therapy will be tailored with each aspect in mind.

There will be space and the opportunity to think, in a safe and non-judgemental way, about the things that distress you or that you may be grappling with. All aspects are worthy and of value and each of the issues can be talked about in a confidential and safe environment, with a professionally trained counsellor.

We have many years' experience of providing Counselling Services and working in the field of therapy including providing Counselling Services for many organisations including such established organisations as the NHS, a variety of Charity Organisations and large insurance companies, whilst all providing Counselling Services and Therapy to private clients.

Counselling Services under the strictness of Confidentiality:

Our Counselling Services and Therapy sessions are confidential. Sometimes you may wish to let someone else know that you are having counselling services or therapy, but that is up to you.

Counselling Services and Therapy Referrals:

Counselling Services and Therapy Treatment clients come through all methods including; self-referral or through referrals by a variety of organisations such as employers, GP's, private clinics and schools, etc. in Newport, Cardiff, Chesptow and all over Gwent and South Wales.