Here at S.M.D Counselling in Newport, South Wales we are committed to helping our clients to find the right pathway towards reaching their full potential in life. We are located within a beautiful park which can be used before or after the sessions to have time to reflect. We believe that by understanding issues faced in life we can ultimately move forward with renewed and enriched perspectives, while being enthusiastic, caring and sensitive to others' needs. Our Therapists are BACP qualified from Newport University. New clients are able to self-refer themselves by using the contact form. Currently, we also receive new client referrals from many organisations such as Bupa, Wellbeing Departments, Insurance companies, HR Departments and many more.

A Tailored Counselling & Psychotherapy Service for clients Individual Requirements:
All of our  clients are treated as individuals with individual needs and requiring a personal counselling programme. Whether you require Relationship counselling services, Anxiety and Stress counselling services, CBT, PTSD or other Counselling Services or Treatments.

While being empathic and non-judgemental. Our Counselling and Psychotherapy Services experience in Newport, South Wales cover a wide range of issues working with all ages and social ranges, which has given considerable experience in the techniques of counselling.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Services for all: 
We can work with all types of Counselling or Psychotherapy Clients from all over Newport and South Wales including; Self Referrals, GP & Company Referrals, Health Insurance Referrals, Students & Personal Therapy.


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S.M.D Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

in Newport, South Wales